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Water Jet Cutting VS Diamond Endless Wire Cutting

Water Jet Cutting VS Diamond Endless Wire Cutting

Water jet cutting is a kind of modern manufacturing technology in which the water is pressurized to more than 300 MPa by an ultra-high pressure generator, and the material is cut and processed by a special cutting nozzle in a very small hole.

This kind of high-pressure water has very strong cutting ability, its speed can reach several times of the sound speed, and by adding sand and other abrasives, its cutting ability can be doubled.

In many cutting methods, water jet cutting belongs to cold cutting, which directly uses the kinetic energy of water jet to cut metal to achieve the purpose of cutting. There is no chemical change in the cutting process. It has the advantages of no influence on the physical and chemical properties of cutting materials, no thermal deformation, narrow cutting seam, high precision, smooth section,etc. However, when cutting hard materials, it is necessary to add fine mesh sand to the cutting water jet.It becomes difficult to control them.

Water pressure, sand flow and cutting speed are the main factors affecting the quality of water jet cutting. The water jet cutting system of need to  provide continuous and stable high pressure water jet for cutting operation. It needs auxiliary cutter (such as pipe cutter), cutting gun assembly , high + low pressure hoses to assist it to complete the cutting operation, the whole  structure is quite complex.

Therefore, the water jet cutting’s cost is high, Not to mention the environment pollution,because of easy rusting the maintenance cost is high too.

Nowadays, diamond endless wire cutting seems to replace water jet cutting in certain area. diamond endless wire can cut all kinds of hard material and there is not limit of material thickness.The cutting system is also simple.


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