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Diamond Wire Loop-D0.45

Cutting emerald,sapphire,gemstone….with ensoll endless diamond wire and diamond wire saw ,the cutting surface will be very  smooth and reduce cutting waste .

D0.45 loop diamond wire have excellent performance in precision cutting .

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Diamond Wire Loop-D0.45


Wire cutter is the newest cutting tool currently ,Ensoll diamond wire cutter’s quality has reached the world leading level .

Diamond wire loop Model D0.45 is designed to make precision cutting,it’s outer diameter is 0.45mm.

With the extremely small diameter .Model D0.45 is perfect to cut thin slices .


Advantages :

  • No secondary burnishing required.
  • High cutting efficiency
  • Narrow kerf width
  • Safety and environmental friendly
  • Excellent cutting quality

Products Properties:

Cutting Performance:

Cutting Quality:



D0.45  Diamond wire is mainly used for emerald cutting. It’s widely used in gem-cutting industry,Magnetic material cutting industry.. .Together with Ensoll diamond wire saw machine ,it’s a perfect solution for expensive material cutting .

For more cutting videos please click here: Diamond Loop Application

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