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Tire Section Cutting Wire

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Tire Section Cutting Wire

Tire munufacturing companies have to check the construction by cut tire sections ,there is a lot difficuties to cut tire ,because there are a lot steel inside the rubber.

Tire section cutter diameter 2.0 is widely used to cut tire section.It’s usually using with a tyre section cutter machine,which installs two wire cutters per time .


Tire Section Cutting Wire Spec

  • Core Wire Diameter : 2.0 mm
  • Wire Perimeter :    4500 mm or  7330  mm,9330 mm (Other length on request)
  • Tensile Strength is: 300 N
  •  Interval Distance is: 15 mm
  •  Diamond Section: 11 mm
  •  Lengths Tolerance: +/- 5 mm
  •  OD tolerance : +/- 0,2 mm

Cutting Effect

Serving Life

Ensoll tire section cutting wire can cut around 250 sections on  average for car tire(PCR).

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