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Wire EDM Cutting vs Looped Diamond Wire Cutting

The basic working principle of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM for short) is to use continuously moving fine wire (called electrode wire) as electrode to remove metal by pulse spark discharge and cut into shape.It is mainly used to process all kinds of complicated and precise workpieces, such as male die, female die, fixed plate and discharge plate of blanking die, as well as various micro holes, narrow slots, arbitrary curves, etc. It has the advantages of small machining allowance, high machining precision, [...]

Looped Diamond Wire/Endless Diamond Wire

Looped Diamond Wire/Endless Diamond Wire At present, wire saw cutting technology is mainly used to cut hard and brittle materials such as silicon ingot, crystals, gems, and ceramics, and has a good development prospect. With the improvement of international economic situation, the downstream industry of wire cutting machine has entered a new round of business cycle, which has brought about the expansion of endless diamond wire market demand, and the sales of the endless diamond wire cutting machine industry has [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Band Saw Cutting

Band saw cutting is a slicing technique that is still widely used, divided into diamond band saw, frame saw and steel blade saw. The slicing of the diamond band saw has the advantages of narrow saw gap, high output rate, low tool material consumption, low noise, and can be used for curve processing. However, due to the limitation of the width of the saw blade, the cutting radius of curvature cannot be too small, and the block is required to [...]

What is the perfect cutting tool for fragile material ?

What is the perfect cutting tool for fragile material ? Endless diamond wire is a flxiable cutting tool which has great advantages on brittle material cutting.So we made a cutting test to check if it can cut eggshell. The result is endless diamond wire do cut fragile material perfectly.The cutting result is like an artwork. This shows a perfect way to cut eggshells. The outer wall of the egg shell is very thin and difficult to hold, and it is very easy to [...]

A New Way to Cut Cat Scrather—Endless Diamond Wire

A New Way to Cut Cat Scrather With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people have started to keep pets, and the pet products market has also begun to flourish. Cat scratchers are a favorite toy for cats, and every cat owner will buy a few. In the production process of cat scratching board, cutting compressed cardboard is an important process. The current cutting method is prone to produce a large amount of paper dust, pollute the air, and [...]

Water Jet Cutting VS Diamond Endless Wire Cutting

Water Jet Cutting VS Diamond Endless Wire Cutting Water jet cutting is a kind of modern manufacturing technology in which the water is pressurized to more than 300 MPa by an ultra-high pressure generator, and the material is cut and processed by a special cutting nozzle in a very small hole. This kind of high-pressure water has very strong cutting ability, its speed can reach several times of the sound speed, and by adding sand and other abrasives, its cutting ability [...]

Revolution of Si Ingot Cutting Machine

Revolution of Si Ingot Cutting Machine With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, the demand for silicon chips is increasing, and the processing volume of silicon ingots is also increasing.The cutting tech of silicon ingot has undergone many improvements. In the top and tail cutting process, the traditional way is to cut with a band saw. However, the band saw has a large cutting kerf, which is prone to cause silicon edge break  and the quality of the cut surface is bad [...]

How to Cut Quartz Block Efficiently?

How to Cut Quartz Block Efficiently? According to the recent publication of the International Semiconductor Industry Association, the sales of wafer manufacturing materials in 2019 were 32.8 billion US dollars, and the sales of semiconductor packaging materials were 19.2 billion US dollars. Among them, the revenue of semiconductor materials in mainland China reached 8.86 billion US dollars in 2019, an increase of 1.9% year-on-year, which is also a growing material market in the world. Among many materials, the attention of quartz [...]

How to Cut Glass By Endless Diamond Wire Loop?

We made cutting test for glass,this is a glass block with in widely used in construction industry, it’s very hard and brittle,we used 0.5 MM diameter wire loop as cutting tool,the whloe cutting are wet cutting with water . you can contact us for more info

How Fast Endless Diamond Wire Grows!

As more and more industires found diamond wire can be made as endless cutting wire,a lot industies tried to bring new cutting tech to their production flow. Solar and Semicom is the first industry which use endless diamond wire loop to cut Silicon Ingot. The year of 2019 ,a new industry was found, a lot graphite companies contact us to develop a saw machine which can use endless cutting with to cut graphite faster and save some material for them. We have developed [...]

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