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Product Overview

Advantages of  Endless Diamond Wire Cutting Machine

  • Machine structure is simple than convential cutting machine ,it’s easy to move and operate.
  • Cutting wire is running in one direction , the linear speed can be upto 60m/s.So excellent cutting quality and speed can be obtained.
  • It’s simple to replace  diamond wire loop.  one worker can complete the operation within 1 minute.
  • Machine cost is not as much as conventional diamond wire saw.
  • There is no water and noise pollution

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 ESV300-4T–Endless Wire Cutting Machine

It is a4 wheel wire loop cutting machine,designed to cut silicon ingot smaller than 8″, The loading table is make to hold rod-shape material.

As a result of high linear speed, This machine can cut off  silicon top and tail very fast and the cutting surface is very nice.

It’s suitable for all material which is rod-shape.

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ESV260-4T   Endless Wire Cutting Machine

This is a 4 wheel wire saw machine made for laboratory and corporate centre ,this model can be automatic slicing, the slice thickness can be adjusted by yourself.

It also can be used to do precision cutting,tolerance is ±0.03 mm.

It’s one of our hot seller .

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ESH600-4T     Wire Loop Saw

It is a 4 wheel wire loop  cutting machine.Originally it’s designed to cut big heavy material.the cutting method is horizontal.Cutting can be done automatically if you set the parameter .

A lot graphite and stone companies buy this machine to increase cutting speed and decrease labour cost.

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We  also customize wire saw machine for clients,contact us for more !