Product Overview

Wire Loop Saw ESV350-2S

It is a two wheel machine wire loop cutting machine.It’s small and flexible, with four rubber wheels the machine can be moved easily.

As a result of high linear speed, This machine can cut off  materials very fast.

It’s suitable for hard, brittle, soft, precious and rare material cutting.

The upcoming version can be used to do abnormity cutting!

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Wire Loop Saw ESV350-XT

This is a two wheel wire saw machine as same as the upper one ,but this model can be automatic slicing, the slice thickness can be adjusted by yourself.

It’s widely used in rod-shape material slicing .There are several models under this series ,which are bigger .

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Wire Loop Saw ESV350-4S-FB

It is a 4 wheel wire loop  cutting machine.It’s customized for our client,using for industrial Ceramic cutting .

We have the ability to design machine for special use.

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diamond tools

Advantages of our Diamond Wire Sawing Machine

Flexible to remove and easy to operate. Servo motor+ PLCcontrol system, accurate the cutting positioning.

With extremely high cutting efficiency, the linear speed can be upto 60m/s.With excellent cutting quality, the cutting surface without wire marks.

With patented driving wheel self-tension system, greatly improved machine reliability and reduced failure rate.

Are simple to replace diamond wire. Automatically lift the tension wheel, and one person can complete the operation within 1 minute.

Servo motor+ PLC control system, accurate the cutting positioning.Optimized PLC operation program is easy to operate,  perfectly operate can be achieved after 5 minutes training.

With perfect Wire Breaking Protection System and Position Limitation Protection System, which ensure the operation more secure.


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