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Research on the Application of Endless Diamond Wire Saw

Overview: With the continuous development of science and technology, non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as silicon, sapphire, engineering ceramics, optical glass, and gemstones are being increasingly used in space technology, mechanical industry, petrochemical industry, construction, and other fields. The... read more

Diamond Wire Loop Cutting Piezoelectric Ceramics

In the rapidly developing field of technology today, the application of piezoelectric ceramic materials is becoming increasingly widespread. However, traditional cutting methods face some challenges in the preparation and processing of these materials. To address these issues, the diamond... read more

Tire Section Cutting Wire: Achieving Precise and Efficient Cuts

Introduction: In the automotive industry, tire section cutting is a critical process for inspection, repair, and salvaging usable parts. To accomplish precise and efficient cuts, a specialized cutting tool known as the tire section cutting wire is employed. This cutting... read more

Endless Diamond Wire Saw Free Cutting Service

Introduction to Endless Diamond Wire Saw: The endless diamond wire saw, also known as a continuous diamond wire or circular wire saw, is a cutting tool made from a durable diamond wire that is widely used in various industries for... read more