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Ensoll diamond wire loop ensures super high cutting speed while containing minmal kerf loss.

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Our diamond wire saw ,diamond wire loop  have served more than 15+ industries .

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With our state-of-the-art technology,ensoll diamond wire loop and diamond wire saw are the best cut solution currently .

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Ensoll Diamond Wire Loop is the most stable and muture closed diamond wire .

With our  young dynamic research team  we have studied deeply in closed-loop wire technology for years.And helped lots of public company find sucessful  cutting solution.

We study and produce both closed diamond wire loop and closed wire saw machine.Thus there is a tremedous advantage by combine the knowleadge of both cutting tool and saw machine.

Currently we supply almost 60% of Chinese market and 80% of globle market of closed diamond cutting wire.


Ensoll tried Soft Material Cutting By Endless Diamond Wire Loop

Client from construction industry wanted to know how diamond wire loop perform if they cut foam cement with it . We took an AE cement size 440*300 MM to make cutting demenstration. The cutting test was made by a  diamond wire loop... read more

What does Ensoll offer to the world?

What does Ensoll offer to the world? As wire cutting becomes more and more popular,a new brand name Ensoll jumped into people’s eyes. What does Ensoll offer? In the early beginning Ensoll develops closed diamond wire loop,later on they supply closed loop... read more

Difference between Bandsaw ,Openwire saw and Closedwire Saw.

Difference between Bandsaw ,Openwire saw and Closedwire Saw. The world is changing so fast,just a small snap may causes lag behind.(closedwire saw) Closed wire loops reset the cutting method very fast,more and more industries begin to study how to bring  closed... read more

What is the Newest Wire Cutting Technology?

What is Endless Diamond Wire Loop? Wire cutting is a new cutting method compare to traditional band saw and blade saw cutting .But frankly, conventional wire cutting is out of trend, Scientist have developed a method to combine the ends... read more

How to use Tire Cutting Wire for Tyre Section Cutting

How to use  Tire Cutting Wire for Tyre Section Cutting Tyre cutting wire diameter 2.0MM Length 4500MM is widely used in tire qulaity inspection department ,they cut tire section by diamond wire loop saw. According to the usage, tires can be... read more

Diamond Wire Saw in Civil Industry

Diamond Wire Saw in Civil Industry Besides being widely used in industry, diamond wire saws can also be used in People’s Daily life. 1,Traveler use People who like climbing mountains or driving to the wild, may wish to bring a diamond wire... read more

Cemented Carbide Cutting with Diamond Wire

Cemented Carbide Cutting with Diamond Wire Cemented Carbide cutting are very important for industrial production, this item is  also called hard metal,it’s considered difficult to be cut because of high hardness. Ensoll diamond wire loop have the advantages to cut items... read more

What is Loop Wire Cutting?

What is Loop Wire Cutting? Why loop wire cutting being invented? Wire cutting is widely used in solar industry as well as crystal, ceramic, magnetics…where needs wafering. As sociaty moving faster, the existing cutting speed can’t meet production speed.Wire cutting is fast... read more

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Featured Product