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Diamond Wire Loop-D1.8

Loop diamond wire is one of the flexibility cutting tool, coated with diamond crystal.

Ensoll endless diamond wire operating with fast speed one-way movement  shown great advantages in precision cutting.

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Diamond Wire Loop-D1.8


Wire saw Mode D1.8 is a good at cutting hard and brittle materials. For example, sapphire, stone, marble,  foam cement, foam alumina and so on.

Wire saw cutting is the newest cutting method currently.

Ensoll’s breaking through technology is applied to diamond wire producing. So our diamond wire  have strong advantages.


wire saw

Advantages :

  • High cutting efficiency
  • Narrow kerf width
  • Low operation noise
  • Safety and environmental friendly
  • Excellent wire cutting life


D1.8 Loop Diamond wire is mainly used for optical glass cutting, Crystal cutting etc.

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