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Diamond Wire Loop–D2.5

Loop diamond wire is one of the flexibility cutting tool, coated with diamond crystal.

Ensoll diamond wire loop shown great advantages in high speed cutting processing.

The wire cutting fracture surface is smooth without burr and the slice thickness could be controlled. It’s especially suitable for cutting valuable hard and brittle materials

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Diamond Wire Loop–D2.5


The wirecutter Mode D2.5 can be used for tire section cutting ,Ensoll endless diamond wire cutting with high speed (25-60m/s) could gain  better fracture surface which is smooth without burr and the slice thickness could be controlled.

bellow length were made for clients who conducting Tire Section Cutting .

4500mm Tire cutting diamond wire loop
7330mm Tire cutting diamond wire loop
9300mm Tire cutting diamond wire loop

More length and diameter can be customized under request .

Advantages :

  • No secondary burnishing required.
  • High cutting speed
  • Narrow kerf width
  • Low operation noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Longer wire life span

the wirecutter



D2.5 Loop Diamond wire is the  wirecutter designed for tire cutting ,marble cutting ,foam cement cutting ,foam glass cutting etc.


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