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Product Overview

Diamond wire loop is a cutting tool which combained the advantages of conventional diamond wire coil and diamond band saw.

Compare to conventional diamond on spool,endless  diamond wire loop’s linear speed is far more faster and the useage are more convenient,there is no need to winding.

Compare to diamond band saw,with similar linear speed endless  diamond wire loop is more flexible,cutting force is more soft and it’s cutting kerf is  smaller.

 So this new cutting tool was accepted by  hard and brittle  materials  cutting industry very fast.

The Endless diamond wire loops offered by Ensoll are subject to a 100% check and the strictest requirements to ensure best quality.here are some detials of our endless diamond wire .

Appearance and Packaging 

What is the Application?

loop diamond wire’s application are extensive.Ensoll diamond wire loop is  suitable for cutting valuable, hard and brittle materials.

The high wire speed can  maximize cutting efficiency while maintain the minimal kerf loss.

What is Our Advantages ?

  • Stable Quality and High Consistency        High Cutting Efficiency                             Excellent Product Performance
  • High Product Customization                      High  Product R&D Capability                  Comprehensive follow-up Services


Diamond wire saw with diameter 0.65 is our standard model ,according to thousands of testing ,this spec maintains both cutting speed

Cutting accuracy and  surface quality .

Cutting Test