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Diamond Wire Loop -D 0.65

Loop Diamond Wire is improved version of traditional Diamond Wire,which is the most advanced cutting tool right now.

With it’s safety  and easy operation ,Cutting efficiency can be highly improved while reducing 80% of the cost .


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Diamond Wire LOOP -D 0.65


Diamond wire loop Model D0.65 is the best seller. It is the standard model of diamond wire cutting tools .

D0.55 and D0.65 are quite similar ,their application and durabilty are almost same .

You can choose which one is better according to cutting surface quality you require .

 diamond wire cutting

Advantages :

  • High cutting efficiency
  • Narrow kerf width
  • Safety and environmental friendly
  • Better cutting quality 
  • longer wire life span





For example :stone, sapphire, monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon,crystal,ceramic ,graphite, hollow brick,foam alumina ,foam cement and so on.


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