Closed Loop Diamond Wire Saw Machine ESV300-4T

Closed Loop Diamond Wire Saw Machine ESV300-4T


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Diamond wire loop saw machine is a wire cutting machine using endless diamond wire for cutting.The linear speed can be extremely fast due to one-direction cutting, So by wire loop saw machine the cutting efficiency are very high which cutting surface are excellent.


Model ESV300-4T can be used for rod-shape material slicing, every material within 280 MM diameter can be cut by this wire loop saw machine,this thickness is adjustable.



Cutting Video of ESV400-2T

The material in this video is silicon ,closed diamond wire loop cutting is widely used in solar industry ,continous wire is a good cutting tool instead of band saw.

kerf loss is small and cutting speed is faster .

You can check the difference between band saw ,opend wire and endless wire here 

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