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Diamond Wire Saw ESV350-2S

Diamond Wire Saw ESV350-2S

Diamond wire saws can make fine separation cuts with perfect cutting surface and maximum cutting efficiency.

The application including glass cutting , ceramic cutting ,stone cutting ,sapphire cutting, graphite cutting, plastic cutting, sillicon cutting ,metal cutting.


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Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond Wire Saw is a machine uses wire for cutting.It’s cutting speed can be very fast.It’s widely used to cut hard and brittle material,as well as the materials too soft or too crisp.



Sillicon cropping,  Marble, Graphite, Stone, Glass, Ceramic, Magnetics, Wood, PVC, Tire, Composite Material, Sapphire…

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There are 4 rubber wheels ,It’s Flexible to remove and easy to operate. 


The wheels can run 3000 RPM per mintie ,so  the linear speed can be upto 60m/s.


Servo motor + PLC control system,  the cutting positioning can be accurate to micron .


With patented driving wheel self-tension system, greatly improved machine reliability and reduced failure rate.


Simple to replace diamond wire. One person can complete the operation within 1 minute.


With perfect Wire Breaking Protection System and Position Limitation Protection System, which ensure the operation more secure.


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