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ESG250-4T Si ingot Cropping Machine

Equipment dimensions: 1900×1420×2080mm (L×W×H)

Maximum cutting size: 350mm×2350mm×350mm (L×W×H)

Cutting feed speed: 0.1-1000mm/min

Cutting wire diameter: 0.45-0.65mm

Wire speed setting: 1-32m/s

Cutting height setting: 0.1-250mm

Maximum spindle speed: 3000RPM

Worktable load capacity: 300KG

Active wheel diameter: 280mm

Passive wheel diameter: 260mm

Water pump: 220w 30L/m


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Product Introduction:

The ESG250-4T Si Ingot Cropping Machine belongs to the category of diamond wire saw cutting machines. This equipment, developed by our company, is primarily used for cutting silicon ingots. It not only achieves extremely high cutting efficiency but also minimizes edge breakage. Additionally, it is equipped with a machine enclosure and water tank, making the cutting process more environmentally friendly.


Product Features:

1.Minimized Edge Breakage: The amount of edge breakage in cutting single crystal silicon is ≤5mm, which is more precise and reduces material loss compared to traditional equipment.

2.Easy Operation: Equipped with an exclusive intelligent digital testing platform, as well as wire replacement assistance and automatic tensioning functions, making the cutting process more convenient and efficient.

3.Material Savings: Maximizes material utilization and reduces waste, contributing to efficient resource utilization. This technology ensures minimal material loss during the cutting process, resulting in higher productivity and cost-effectiveness.

4.Customizable Machine: Meets diverse cutting needs, supports customization of different sizes, and provides ODM solutions according to customer requirements.

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