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Glass Cutting Technology Innovation – Continuous Diamond Wire Saw

Glass Cutting Technology Innovation

                                                                    – Continuous Diamond Wire Saw 

Glass, as a kind of material, has been deeply rooted in our daily life. It exists in all kinds of physical objects everywhere.The earliest glass makers in the world were ancient egyptians.

The appearance and use of glass in human life has more than 4000 years of history.In the 12th century AD, the emergence of commercial glass, and began to become industrial materials.

Glass is not only transparent , clear, and the strength and hardness are very high.Is an indispensable material in daily production and life.

Glass species is rich, in addition to the more common float glass, tempered glass, there are hot melt glass, laminated glass, frosted glass and other special properties of the varieties.

No matter what kind of glass, we need to cut it before use and processing, and adjust it to the appropriate size, so that it can be better used.

So,what is the most efficient glass cutting tool for glass fabrication?

(1) Glass Cutter

Glass cutter is a brass tool with  diamond attached to the end , It’s capable to cutting ordinary flat glass and it can’t be too thick .

(2)  Diamond Saw 

Diamond saw, not limited to glass, also widely used in germanium and silicon, ceramic, crystal cutting, etc. Compared with sawing with loose sand or ordinary grinding wheel, diamond saw cutting obtain high efficiency. During cutting process , it’s commonly need grinding fluid. Diamond saw is also able to cut bonding materials such as metal, thermosetting resin, ceramic, metal and so on.

(3) Diamond Wire Saw 

Diamond wire saw is a new cutting tool ,it’s a steel wire coated with diamond crystals ,which is very sharp and hard.With high reciprocating motion ,diamond wire saw is able to cut almost every materials .

Using  diamond wire saw to cut glass highly improved cutting efficiency.

(4) Continuous Diamond Wire Saw

After years study and test. Scientist found make diamond wire into loop shape can highly improve cutting efficiency .Cutting time can be reduced by 60% ,if  we change the reciprocating motion to one-way motion .Because the wire speed can keep increasing and ranging from 30-60 m/s.There is no need of grinding fluid and cooling system .

continuous diamond wire saw

continuous diamond wire saw

Ensoll diamond wire saw keeps the most advanced technology of diamond wire saw ,diamond wire loop saw  and diamond wire saw machine.