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Advantages and Disadvantages of Band Saw Cutting

Band saw cutting is a slicing technique that is still widely used, divided into diamond band saw, frame saw and steel blade saw.

The slicing of the diamond band saw has the advantages of narrow saw gap, high output rate, low tool material consumption, low noise, and can be used for curve processing. However, due to the limitation of the width of the saw blade, the cutting radius of curvature cannot be too small, and the block is required to be regular.

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Frame saws have long been used as stone cutting tools. People have conducted in-depth research on its cutting principle. The sawing of the frame saw is realized by agglomerates of diamonds in different processing states on several long saw blades. Therefore, the sawing process of diamond frame sawing is complicated, and it needs to be stopped frequently for reversing, and the cutting speed is very low.

The steel blade saw uses a row of steel sheets with a certain gap and tension to make reciprocating motion on the workpiece for cutting. The grinding fluid is continuously poured into the contact part of the steel sheet and the workpiece, and the steel sheet brings the grinding fluid into the kerf of the workpiece to form a cutting effect. The abrasive in the grinding fluid is usually silicon carbide. The steel sheet cutting machine can cut dozens or hundreds of workpieces at the same time, with high cutting efficiency and good quality. The grinding fluid can be reused after treatment, but the cutting environment is dirty, causing certain pollution to the environment. Generally, the curve cannot be cut, the slit is wider, and the yield rate is low.

Compared with band saw cutting,endless diamond wire cutting is a new type of cutting method. It not only has the advantages of band saw cutting with narrow kerf, high output rate, and high cutting speed, but also there is no limit to the radius of curvature of cutting for curve processing. It’s A more flexible cutting method.

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