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Introduction to the cutting process of ceramics

Introduction to the cutting process of ceramics

In major markets, the production of ceramics has always been in short supply. What is ceramics and what are its characteristics?

Ceramic materials refer to a class of inorganic non-metallic materials made of natural or synthetic compounds through shaping and high-temperature sintering. It has the advantages of high melting point, high hardness, high wear resistance and oxidation resistance. It can be used as structural material and tool material. Because ceramic also has some special properties, it can also be used as functional material.

In terms of performance and element composition, ceramics can be divided into two categories: ordinary ceramics and special ceramics. According to different uses, the processing methods are also different, but the ceramic industry has played a vital role in various fields.

The application fields of ceramics are very wide, such as nanotechnology, bioengineering, medicine, electronic technology, communication technology, aviation Aerospace, military and other fields are in short supply.

The wide range of application fields is inseparable from its characteristics:

  1. Bioceramics have good biocompatibility and osteoconductivity.
  2. High resistance to high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance, radiation resistance
  3. High strength, good stiffness, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability
  4. Can withstand the friction and erosion of high temperature airflow

Due to the wide range of application fields, the ceramic industry is thriving, and the market is in short supply, so the processing method of ceramics is also particularly important. When it comes to the most suitable cutting process for ceramics, the diamond wire loop cutting technology developed as a new type of research and development must be doing my part.

The diamond wire loop cutting technology has many advantages in the cutting process of ceramics: such as high cutting efficiency, high productivity, high precision, convenience and speed, etc.

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The company adheres to the business philosophy of technology-oriented and service-oriented, helping customers to solve many problems in the cutting industry of hard and brittle materials such as tires, photovoltaic silicon, sapphire, ceramics, and marble.

In the field of diamond wire cutting, it has won the recognition and trust of customers. All industries are welcome to come to consult and cooperate.