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Diamond wire loop cutting machine

Diamond wire loop cutting machine

What is diamond wire loop saw? The diamond wire loop is a flexible cutting tool that consolidates diamond on the annular steel wire substrate. It moves in one direction during cutting, and the cutting line speed is 40-60 m/s.

The diamond wire loop can realize various precise and efficient cutting, such as Cutting of silicon crystal, sapphire, precious wood, graphite, magnetic materials, etc.

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The traditional reciprocating cutting requires constant reversing, so the line speed is limited and the efficiency is low, while the diamond wire loop has a single movement direction, fast line speed, and high diamond utilization rate, which can realize high-speed and high-precision cutting.

There are two manufacturing methods of diamond wire loop, resin type diamond wire loop and electroplating diamond wire loop. So what is the difference between these two methods and what are their advantages?

Electroplated diamond wire is a method of fixing diamond on the substrate with alloys such as nickel and cobalt to form diamond wire.

Resin diamond wire is a method of pressing and solidifying the mixture of diamond and resin by hot pressing or cold pressing.

The difference between the two: the diamond wire produced by the electroplating method has the advantages of high concentration, wear resistance, long life and high precision. The resin method diamond wire has low concentration, no wear resistance, short life, but high cutting efficiency.

Diamond wire loop cutting machine is suitable for cutting various metals and non-metals and composite materials. Zhengzhou Ensoll Tools Technology Co.,Ltd is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of diamond wire loop saws.

With independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies, it is also second to none in the international diamond wire saw products.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of technology-oriented and service-oriented, helping customers to solve many problems in the cutting industry of hard and brittle materials such as tires, photovoltaic silicon, sapphire, ceramics, marble, etc. In the field of diamond wire cutting, it has won the recognition and trust of customers.

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