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Applications of Diamond Wire Cutting

Applications of Diamond Wire Cutting

1.Electronic Information Industry

Silicon wafer processing is the foundation of IC manufacturing system.

Wafer surface roughness and integrity have a direct impact on the performance of IC chips. semiconductor manufacturing industries use multi-wire cutting widely.

2.Solar Photovoltaic

The extensive use of diamond wire in upstream silicon wafer cutting production will become an important means to achieve innovation transformation and cost reduction.

It is reported that at present, a considerable proportion of applications have been applied in silicon cropping process.

If it can be further used in the multi-chip cutting machine, the consumption of diamond wire will increase by more than 10 times.

3.Sapphire Industry

With the further expansion of LED consumer electronics market and the rapid development of LED general lighting application, the market will bring more opportunities to this industry.

In the same time,The use of sapphire screen cover for mobile phones will exceed market expectations, bringing about an emerging market for sapphire manufacturing.

4.Crystal Industry

Optical crystal is one of the important photoelectric information materials, and it is the important material basis of photoelectronic technology, especially laser technology.

These crystals are very fragile, the cutting process is easy to to make crystal damage.

Some crystal even requirements to be soaked in special oil for cutting.Therefore, in the cutting process, often cause a lot of crystal loss and manufacturing cost is very high.

Diamond wire cutting increased cutting speed by it’s extremly linear speed.saves cost and improved cutting quality in the same time.

5.Graphite mold and functional ceramics

Graphite has a wide range of uses, but it is difficult to process graphite by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, while diamond wire cutting is an ideal way.

Diamond wire cutter is used to cut functional ceramic materials, such as evaporator boats, with high production efficiency and accurate sizing.

6.Rescue and Relief Work

Diamond wire saw is applied to the equipment of rescue and relief.It is small and flexible, especially suitable for cutting reinforced concrete components in narrow collapsed building components.


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