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Wire For Cutting—A new cutting method you need to know

Diamond Loop Wire

People think of band saw, belt saw and hand saw,but seldom think of wire .Wire for cutting ?it’s impossible in the past.

Because of the demand of working safety and cutting speed, people explored a lot new cutting technology.

waterjet cutting, laser cutting,electric cutting….finally there is a new method :wire cutting.

How the wire looks like?

Firstly,The wire should be very hard and flexible, so scientist coat diamond crystals onto the surface of a steel wire.


Secondly,the wire can be an open wire or an endless loop wire.

Loop wire’s linear speed can be extremely fast because of the movement is one-way direction while open wire have to make reciprocating motion.

Open wire usually several  kilometers long,loop wire will be customized for different length,usually within 15 m.

Last thing is the cutting wire should be used with a wire saw machine.