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Revolution of Si Ingot Cutting Machine

Revolution of Si Ingot Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, the demand for silicon chips is increasing, and the processing volume of silicon ingots is also increasing.The cutting tech of silicon ingot has undergone many improvements.

In the top and tail cutting process, the traditional way is to cut with a band saw.

However, the band saw has a large cutting kerf, which is prone to cause silicon edge break  and the quality of the cut surface is bad too.

This makes the silicon material loss is very high during cutting process.

With the successful development of  diamond endless wire, new endless wire cutting technology has gradually replaced the position of diamond band saw in silicon rod processing.

The linear speed of circular wire cutting is up to 60 m/s, the cutting speed is very fast, and because of the flexible cutting method of wire cutting, the cutting effect is very good.in the same time the silicon rod is rarely damaged.

The diameter of the closed  diamond wire is about 0.4-0.6 MM, and the cutting kerf is about 0.5-0.7 MM, which greatly reduces the loss of silicon. This is very valuable in today’s society where silicon materials are expensive, and it is loved by many photovoltaic and semiconductor industries.

Ensoll Tool’s  endless diamond wire and supporting equipment have rich experience in silicon processing. Its silicon ingot cutting machine is small in size and easy to operate. It can be regarded as a huge improvement of silicon rod cutting equipment.

This is a video of a circular wire device cutting silicon rods.

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