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The factors matter to Diamond Wire Saw Quality

The factors matter to Wire Saw Quality

Diamond wire saw is a saw that uses a metal wire or cable for cutting .

The saws are classified as continuous (or endless, or loop) or oscillating (or reciprocating). Sometimes the wire itself is referred to as a “blade”.

Diamond wire saw as an enhanced version of wire sawing tool,have to make a lot breakthrough on diamond crystal coating.

The Wire Tec a company owned matters to the usage of their product(product serve life).

What is the main factor which affects cutting wire’s quality?


The coating have to be thin, continuous,with high bonding strength and strong corrosion resistance.

2, Diamond quality

There are different types of diamond crystal,select the ones obtain best self-sharping ability will be highly improve the cutting efficiency and serve life.

3,Core wire

Core wire is the main part of a diamond wire saw,there are two types: Multi strand and single strand.Choose the correct type which matches the coating tech is really vital.

A diamond wire combines all the above factors will have excellent cutting speed and serve life,which can highly improve working efficiency.That’s the main reason why lot industries start using wire cutting method to do their cutting job.

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