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The Application of Horizontal Wire Cutting Machine

The Application of Horizontal Wire Cutting Machine

I believe everyone can understand Horizontal Wire Cutting Machine very well. The horizontal endless wire cutting machine uses  diamond wire loop  to cut materials.The extremely high linear speed ensures a faster cutting speed.Compare to Vertical wire cutting machine the horizontal one has a lot advantages that cannot be ignored.

So what are the main applications of sponge flat cutting machine?
1. It mainly cuts the block material into thin slices. The table adopts full-automatic digital control. According to the required cutting thickness, the value is set by the control box, and the table is automatically fed to cut into pieces with the same thickness.

2. For the processing of overweight materials, because the weight of the material is large, the clamping is a big problem. The horizontal cutting machine directly puts the material on the loading platform and directly loads and unloads the forklift.

3, large volume material processing, element circular line flat cutting machine, can cut materials within a diameter of 1000MM, the material table rotates to cut, the whole machine covers a small area, the model is simple, cutting error is small and easy to operate

Here is a cutting demo,we don’t have heavy material so add a weight on the mateiral.


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