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Silicon Cropping With Fixed Diamond Wire Saw

Silicon Cropping With Fixed Diamond Wire Saw


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Silicon Cropping with Diamond Wire Saw

Video Cutting Details

Cutting Tools:Diamond Wire Loop

Wire TypeMulti strand  wire
Linear Velocity(m/s)30-60
Feed Speed(mm/min)5-100

Cutting Process:

Cutting Material :Monocrystalline silicon

Linear Speed:62m/s

Feed Speed:30 mm/min

Cooling Way: wet


Cutting Results:

Surface: Cutting surface is very smooth ,clean, flat and without saw mark

Kerf: Cutting kerf is straight ,narrow and smooth

Time:Cutting speed rises around 3 time compare to traditional cutting saw,the whole cutting process last 7 minites.



Cutting Advantages

1,Minimal Kerf Loss

 The closed wire loop have a 0.5MM diameter ,the kerf loss is 0.55 MM.Which saves a lot material .

2,Cutting quality

Improved 50%

Ensoll diamond wire use patent tech to coat diamond abrasive to the core wire , total thickness variation is small and almost no bow and warp. By this way, cutting quality can be highly improved.

3,Labor cost

One worker can operate 5 to 7 machines

With high stability and reduced wire breakages and loss of diamond grains. There is no need to change wire all the time and the machine is very easy to operate.

4,Cutting cost

Save 60%

1/3 machine cost!

3 times cutting efficiency!

Longer wire durability !

One loop can cut more than 200 times


Traditionally silicon cutting machine and tool are  very expensive, inefficient, and often times unreliable.


Slurry saws are more capable than band saw blades, but they have issues of polution. Slurry processes can be very time consuming and also produce very much unusable waste.


Fixed diamond wire loop is commonly used for Si cropping . Loop diamond wire is developed to rise silicon cutting efficiency to another level.

For silicon cutting ,there are alternative wire length to be chosen, L 2670mm, L2640, L2960, L4430 are the most widely used length and other wire length can be customized.


What We Cut:

Not only all types of silicon but also all kinds of expensive hard and brittle materials .


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