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Quartz Cuts with Diamond Wire Saw


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Quartz Cuts with Diamond Wire Saw

Quartz Cutting Video Details

Cutting Tools:Diamond Wire Loop

Cutting Process:

Cutting Material :Quartz

Wire Type:D0.65

Linear Speed: 45m/s

Cooling Way:wet

Machine type: Rotary wire saw machine


Cutting Results:


  • Fast
  • Precise
  • Flexible


  • Clean Edge
  • Smooth Surface

Diamond Wire Loop is suitable to cut all kinds of glasses.

Cutting Advantages

diamond wire loop


Glass is an essential component of numerous products that we use every day, most often without noticing it. The emerging demand for glass material creates big work load for glass cutting industry.

What is the best cutting tool for glass ?Water jet cutting is fast and precise, but it has thickness limitation. While Laser cutting are too expensive.

Ensoll diamond wire loop combines all the advantages of old cutting tools: Fast, Precise, Flexible, High quality, Cost effective and environment friendly.

What We Cut:

Not only all types of glass but also glass related products such as  quartz ,ceramic ,china and so on.


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