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Metal Cutting with Continuous diamond wire

Metal Cutting with Continuous diamond wire

A metal is a material that, when freshly prepared, polished, or fractured, shows a lustrous appearance, and conducts electricity and heat relatively well.

Metal material are very hard, it will create high temperature during cutting process.Under the action of high temperature and large cutting force, the cutting tool will occur deformation, adhesion and wearing fast.


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Metal Cutting with Endless Diamond Wire Loop

Cutting video details

Cutting Tools:Diamond Wire Loop

Outer Diameter(mm)0.65
Diamond Size63μm-75μm
Circumference Length(mm)2000
Wire TypeMulti strand  wire
Linear Velocity(m/s)20-50
Feed Speed(mm/min)5-50
Tensile Strength(N)120-150
ApplicationMetal(nickle) Cutting

Cutting Process:

Cutting Material :Metal

Wire Type: D 0.65


Cutting Results:

  • Smooth Cutting  Surface
  • Burr-free Edge
  • Excellent Cutting Speed


Cutting Advantages

1. special shapes

2. Better cutting surface

3. Clear edge to save milling or machining time

4. Faster cutting speed


1. Can’t change cutting direction

2. Cutting tool deformation

3. Low cutting efficiency

4. Unsafety cutting environment



What is the best metal cutting tools ?

Diamond wire loop could be used for cutting hybrid iron materials ,such as ceramic mixed with iron. When cutting pure iron, the iron chips will adhere onto diamond surface.

But if there are ceramic mixed, the ceramic materials will carry off iron chips. Diamond will react with Fe, Co,Ni (Iron, cobalt, nickel) under high temperature.

If you need to cut these metal materials, our CBN wire loops could be your alternative choice!

What We Cut:

Not only Metal but also Stone,Metal,Glass,Silicon and other hard brittle materials can be cut by diamond wire loop saw.


Special diameter and length on request!


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