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Corrugated Paper Cutting with Diamond Wire Blade

Corrugated Paper Cutting with Diamond Wire Blade


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Corrugated Paper Cutting with Diamond Wire Blade

Cutting video details


 Cutting Tools:Diamond Wire Loop

Outer Diameter(mm)0.60
Diamond Size90μm-106μm
Circumference Length(mm)2960
Wire TypeMulti strand  wire
Linear Velocity(m/s)30-60
Feed Speed(mm/min)5-100
Tensile Strength(N)120-150
ApplicationCorrugated Paper

Cutting Process:

Cutting Material :Corrugated Paper

Wire Type: D0.60

Linear Speed: 40m/s

Feed Speed: 45mm/min

Cooling Way: dry

Tensile Strength: 130N

Cutting Results:

  • Smoother–there is no burr on the surface
  • Flatness–The surface is flat without undulation
  • Special Shapes-cutting direction is changeable

Cutting Advantages


1,Cutting Shape

Use diamond wire loop as cutting tool, cutting direction can be changed during the cutting process.

2,Slice Thickness

As diamond wire loop is thin and running speed are high, it’s able to cut graphite with extremely thin slice.

3,Surface Quality

There is no wire mark on the surface, it’s flat and smooth.

4,Cutting Efficiency

High linear speed ensures high cutting speed, diamond wire loop can highly improve cutting efficiency.


What We Cut:

Not only KDP ,but also YAG crystal, Marble, Stone,Metal,Glass,Silicon and other hard brittle materials can be cut by diamond wire loop saw.

Special diameter and length on request!

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