Gem Stone Cutting with Diamond Wire Saw


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Gem stone cutting details

Cutting Tools:Diamond Wire Loop

Wire TypeMulti strand  wire
Linear Velocity(m/s)30-60
Feed Speed(mm/min)5-100

Cutting Process:

Cutting Material :Jadeite

Linear Speed:45m/s

Feed Speed:3-5mm/min

Cooling Way:wet

Tensile Strength:80N

Machine type: Rotary wire saw machine


Diamond Wire Loop is suitable to cut all kinds of gem-stones. It used to do the initial raw stone cutting work.


Gem-stone are very precious, only a small cutting accident may ruin the whole design and bring huge loss. Diamond wire loop shows great advantages on cutting precious minerals, not only gem-stone but also meteorites, rare minerals and other stones.

 What we cut :

Not only Graphite but also Stone,Metal,Glass,Silicon and other hard brittle materials can be cut by diamond wire loop saw.

Special diameter and length on request!

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