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What is the difference between natural crystal and quartz

What is the difference between natural crystal and quartz

Natural crystals belong to the crystalline minerals of quartz. The main ingredient is silica. Due to various impurities in quartz, it is classified as different colors. However, natural crystals belong to quartz, but there are still some differences between them.

Quartz is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. The crystal belongs to the oxide mineral of the cubic system, namely low temperature quartz (a-quartz), which is the most widely dispersed mineral in the quartz family. Generalized quartz also includes high temperature quartz (b-quartz).

Quartz block, also known as silica, is not only the raw material for the production of quartz sand (also known as silica sand), but also the raw material for quartz refractories and sintering ferrosilicon.

Natural crystal is a colorless and transparent quartz crystal mineral. Its important chemical constituent is silica, a material from the same womb of ordinary sand. When silica crystals are perfect, it is crystal; when silica is dehydrated, it is agate; when silica water solidifies, it becomes opal; when silica particles are smaller than a few microns, it forms chalcedony, flint and Secondary Quartzite.

60% of the ingredients in natural crystals are SiO2. The color of the crystals is caused by various trace metals other than SiO2. In the natural environment, most crystals are “symbiotic” with minerals such as calcite, pyrite, pyroxene, mica flakes of various colors, bessie, peat, and rutile, forming some suspicious and illusory scenes known as “alien” Crystals”, adding to the fun and value of collecting crystals.

Most crystals grow underground. The growth process requires a large groundwater source containing saturated sand dioxide. The temperature is between 550-600c and the pressure is two to three times atmospheric pressure.

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