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A New Way to Cut Cat Scrather—Endless Diamond Wire

A New Way to Cut Cat Scrather

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people have started to keep pets, and the pet products market has also begun to flourish.

Cat scratchers are a favorite toy for cats, and every cat owner will buy a few.

In the production process of cat scratching board, cutting compressed cardboard is an important process. The current cutting method is prone to produce a large amount of paper dust, pollute the air, and cause harm to the health of workers. At the same time, there are many burrs on the cutting surface, which requires secondary trimming, which wastes time.

After the development of endless diamond wire saw, more and more pet products companies began to use the endless diamond wire loop to cut cat scratching board, because the diamond crystal’s sharpness, the cutting surface of cardboard is very smooth, no burr, and the cutting speed is very fast, which greatly improves Product processing efficiency.

In addition, because the diameter of the ring-shaped diamond wire is between 0.35-0.65 mm, the extremely small cutting kerf also greatly reduces the amount of dust, which is welcomed by the market.

here is a cutting video of how endless diamond wire cuts cardboard

The emergence of new tools often brings revolutionary reforms to traditional industries. Companies that are the first to try are generally able to seize the early dividends, create some additional value, and give their companies a first-mover advantage.

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