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What is the advantages of loop diamond wire sawing .

What is the advantages of loop diamond wire sawing


loop diamond wire sawing   is a saw that uses a metal wire  coated with diamond crystals for cutting.

Wire saws are classified as continuous (or endless, or loop)wire saw or oscillating (or reciprocating) wire saw.

closed loop wire saw is , a method for making the closed wire saw loop, and an apparatus and method for slicing a work piece,  The closed wire saw loop is made by squaring and welding the wire ends together and then twice heat treating the weld .

loop wire saw

loop wire saw

what is the advantages of loop wire sawing ?

1,High cutting efficiency

2,High cutting precision

3,Perfect cutting quality with less material waste

4,Narrow kerf width

5, Both wet cut and dry cut are workable

6, Safety and environmental friendly

7, Easy to operate.