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What is the Newest Wire Cutting Technology?

What is Endless Diamond Wire Loop?

Wire cutting is a new cutting method compare to traditional band saw and blade saw cutting .But frankly, conventional wire cutting is out of trend, Scientist have developed a method to combine the ends of a wire making it into a continuous loop.That means the circle can run extremely fast which open wire have to bear the slow down while change running direction.

For massive production, fast cutting speed is essential, it save production time brings more value.A lot big companies have noticed this new technology,they studied the diamond wire loop and made cutting test to evaluate whether its usable or not.

Leading companies in a certain industry used to be the first one to try new things ,normally they have technology researching group to gather new products and technology, trying to put them into their production flow.Their main purpose is to save time ,money or raise product quality. Initially, endless wire loop was considered to be not suitable for massive production, because it’s  service life was too short while cost was pretty high.

After years efforts, some wire cutting company have find out the way to raise lifespan of the endless diamond wire loop.It’s a revolutionary break through for cutting industry,only 1 years later ,the tech was found by solar ,semiconductor ,graphite, ferrites, gemstone,sapphire and meteorolite industry.

Then what is endless diamond wire loop ?From common people’s view, it’s just a steel wire without ends,looks like a ring.But there are lots of amazing small surprises on the wire loop.

No 1

There are lots of diamond crystals coated on the endless wire loop,which is far more than conventional diamond wire, I think that’s one of the reason why loop wire is sharper than open wire .

No 2

One  wire loop contains a lot thin wires, it’s multi strand similar to braid.So the anti-pressure ability will be fold increased.


No 3

The perimeter of  diamond wire loop is not fixed!Conventional diamond wire is sold by spool, 500 meter or 1000 meter ,it’s a fixed figure.But endless cutting wire do not have a certain length, it’s customized for each and every client.

No 4

It’s linear speed is pretty fast!!! Normally the linear speed is 15-25 m/s for wire cutting ,but loop wire cutting’s linear speed can be upto 60 m/s ,we have made a silicon cutting test using 62 m/s as linear speed.The cutting result is quite good too.


Endless wire cutting is the future of wire cutting, to explore more you can contact me to exchange information 008613027738908.