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How Fast Endless Diamond Wire Grows!

As more and more industires found diamond wire can be made as endless cutting wire,a lot industies tried to bring new cutting tech to their production flow.

Solar and Semicom is the first industry which use endless diamond wire loop to cut Silicon Ingot.

The year of 2019 ,a new industry was found, a lot graphite companies contact us to develop a saw machine which can use endless cutting with to cut graphite faster and save some material for them.

We have developed two types of machine for them, now lots Chinese graphite companies uses endless cutting wire to replace their band saw machine.

Market shows very big potential .

Horizontal cutting makes this machine can load very big and heavy material .Now we found gemstone cutting can use this machine too.They load very big raw gemstone on it,rotary cutting ensures a faster cuttin speed and wire cutting makes a small kerf loss.

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