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Meteorite, the source of the earth

Meteorite, the source of the earth

Meteorites are solid fragments that originate from an object in outer space and fall to the ground. Such as comets, asteroids or meteoroids, which are left after passing through the atmosphere to the surface of a solid planet or moon. In this process, if it disintegrates or even becomes dust due to atmospheric friction and combustion, it is a meteor.

Very few actually fall on the earth without becoming dust, and among these meteorites, there are even fewer that can be preserved and discovered. At present, the most suitable places to retain meteorites are the deserts and the north and south poles, which are called meteorite enrichment areas. Why Deserts and the North and South Poles?

First of all, this human settlement is of course unlikely, because there are many interference factors, and secondly, if other uninhabited areas have more rocks and so on, the interference will also be great, including the possibility of weathering. In this comparison, the desert is a natural drying box, and the north and south poles are natural refrigerators. However, the north and south poles are more troublesome, so the group of people now called “meteorite hunters” usually go to the desert to find meteorites.

There are two main types of meteorites: chondrites and achondrites.

Why study meteorites?

Meteorites are a large amount of extraterrestrial material that can be directly studied by people. The study of meteorites can provide information about the average chemical composition of the solar system, the formation and evolution of the solar system, the origin of organic matter, the space environment of the solar system, the re-entry process, impact metamorphism, and other scientific information.

The temperature, pressure and material ablation and change process during the meteorite’s landing can provide useful arguments for calculating the re-entry process of artificial flying objects. The importance of meteorite research cannot be overemphasized, it is an important basis for countries to obtain extraterrestrial information.

The research significance of meteorites in scientific research units is greater than the collection value. In the hands of individuals, it is mainly for the purpose of collection. The rarity of meteorites determines its value. After all, the earth has more rocks and less meteorites. In recent years, meteorites have become more and more popular among collectors.

What do meteorites do?

1. Collectible value. The rarity and non-renewability of meteorites determine its high collection value. The value of meteorites mainly depends on the type and quantity of meteorites.

2. Practical value. Meteorites have the effect of warding off evil spirits in the folk, and are mostly used for housing and body protection. And fine jewelry made of meteorites is even more valuable.

3. The medicinal value of meteorites. In various historical carriers in ancient my country, in Tibetan medicine books, and in folk remedies. Meteorites are used as medicines and are very effective in treating certain diseases.

This is determined by the minerals and trace elements in the meteorite. In the meteorites found in the current study, a total of 106 kinds of minerals and trace elements have been found, 24 of which have never been found on Earth.

4. Meteorite physical value preservation function. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the preservation and appreciation of meteorites has become a consensus. Buy rare meteorites with an annual increase of up to 30%. It even increases by 25% every six months, so the meteorite is also known as the rich man’s stone.

The number of meteorites is small, and with the deepening of public awareness, the value doubles, which is the best choice for investment appreciation. Once the potential value of meteorites is recognized by the whole society, collecting meteorites is a luxury, and buying meteorites is a status symbol.

5. Meteorites have powerful and mysterious cosmic energy (dark matter energy): Meteorites are the angels of the fourth dimension of the universe! They have a powerful ability to ward off evil spirits and can transport good luck, ward off evil spirits, town house… in your Put a meteorite in your home, good luck and peace!

In the process of studying meteorites, an indispensable processing technology – the cutting of meteorites, now in order to facilitate the study of the cutting surface effect, many researchers use diamond wire loop for cutting meteorites. Below the meteorites cutting video for reference: