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Porous Metal Industry Overview

Porous Metal Industry Overview

Porous metal refers to the metal body is made of tiny spherical bodies (commonly known as powder) sintered at high temperature, and the inside of the metal is covered with extremely tiny pores in all directions, hence the name porous metal, also called breathable metal. A large number of directional or random holes are dispersed inside the metal, and the diameter of these holes is between 2um and 3mm. Due to the different design requirements for the holes, the holes can be foam type, lotus type, honeycomb type and so on.

Classification and its characteristics


It materials are widely used in aerospace, atomic energy, electrochemistry, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, medicine, environmental protection, construction and other industries, in these industries, it is used in processes such as separation, filtration, gas distribution, catalysis, electrochemical processes, noise reduction, shock absorption, shielding heat exchange, etc.

It is used to make filters, catalysts and catalyst carriers, porous electrodes, energy absorbers, silencers, shock absorbers, electromagnetic shielding devices, electromagnetic compatibility devices, heat exchangers and smolders, etc.

Industry chain structure diagram


Porous metal cutting by diamond wire loop saw -Rare metal cutting – Ensoll