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How to Cut Quartz Block Efficiently?

How to Cut Quartz Block Efficiently?

According to the recent publication of the International Semiconductor Industry Association, the sales of wafer manufacturing materials in 2019 were 32.8 billion US dollars, and the sales of semiconductor packaging materials were 19.2 billion US dollars. Among them, the revenue of semiconductor materials in mainland China reached 8.86 billion US dollars in 2019, an increase of 1.9% year-on-year, which is also a growing material market in the world.

Among many materials, the attention of quartz glass continues to increase. According to report, the semiconductor industry accounts for a high proportion of the global quartz glass market (45.36%), followed by photovoltaics (23.76%) and optical communication industries (16.20%). Quartz glass, as the foundation for the development of the electronic information technology industry, will benefit from the high-speed development of downstream high-end fields for a long time, and the market scale will accelerate its expansion.

Driven by 5G and other hot technologies and applications in 2020, the domestic demand for semiconductor materials is expected to grow further. Quartz glass and other important semiconductor raw materials will usher in new development opportunities. How to process quartz at high speed and high efficiency has become a topic of widespread concern in the industry.

Circular diamond wire cutting technology has been widely used in graphite, sapphire, KDP crystals, gemstones, ceramics and other industries since the successful development of endless wire.

The  endless diamond wire loop has great advantages in quartz cutting. The quality of the cut surface is good, the cutting speed is fast, the equipment is compact, and the operation is simple. It has been recognized by many companies.
The following is the quartz cutting test conducted by Zhengzhou Element Technology Co., Ltd. The experiment uses Ensoll’s ring-shaped diamond wire and quartz special wire to cut the 390*390 mm quartz block. Details are as follows:


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