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What is Wire Saw ?

What is Wire Saw ?

Wire  Saw  is to use a metal wire or cable for cutting. Industrial wire saws are usually powered. There are also hand-powered survivalist wire saws suitable for cutting branches.

Wire saws are classified as continuous (or endless, or loop) or oscillating (or reciprocating)










Wire saw is widely used in Photovoltaic Industry, they used diamond wire saw to make silicon wafer .As wire cutting have a small kerf loss, the giant solar companies have big pressure on saving cost.The development of diamond wire saw cheers them up as soon as it’s published.

The Application of Wire Cutting Divided into 2 parts.


First.   Reciprocating  Wire Cutting.


This cutting technology uses a thousands meter long diamond wire making oscillating movement.The diamond wire normally winds onto a drum,it’s sold by meter, called as diamond wire .

Because of the oscillating ,wire have to experience the slow down , so wire linear speed will be between 15-25 m/s.


 Disadvantage of open diamond wire cutting :   slow…
Advantage  of open diamond wire cutting :   minimal kerf loss



Second . Continuous Wire Cutting

This cutting technology uses an endless diamond wire making one direction movement. The endless diamond wire have different perimeter usually set by the dimension of cutting workpeice. It’s sold by piece,called as diamond wire loop .

Without oscillating,the wire can keep on running to one direction with an increasing speed .Wire linear speed will be between 40-60 m/s.


 Disadvantage of  diamond wire loop cutting :   extremely fast
Advantage  of open diamond wire loop cutting :   kerf  loss bigger than open diamond wire .


Two different wire cutting method have different advantages, they are applied to different cutting process, PV industry uses continuous wire loop to do cropping ,while using open diamond wire to wafering.By combine the advantages,wire cutting’s value was fully utilized during silicon cutting .


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