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Endless Wire Cutting Technology in Semicon & Solar Industry.

In the past ten years,  diamond wire (open wire)saw have developed rapidly in monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon slice cutting, and sapphire slices.

At the same time, Endless diamond wire saw have quietly followed, relying on fast linear speed, high cutting efficiency, and simple equipment structures.


The unique advantages of appeals several  companies have invested heavily in endless diamond wire innovation and successfully applied to large-scale KDP crystal cutting (cut width 1000mm), large-scale LBO crystal cutting, polycrystalline silicon plutonium cut, sapphire wafer cutting and various target cutting.

In particular, the endless wire cropping machine used for polysilicon cropping has been applied to some solar and semicon companies in small batches last year.


Although the amount of cutting is not large, it has begun to show its unique advantages in precious materials cutting.

The corresponding wire cutting machine has also developed from a single vertical machine to many varieties.

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