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Application of diamond wire loop in graphite industry

Application of diamond wire loop in graphite industry

At present, the graphite industry has been developing rapidly, so what is graphite?

Graphite is an allotrope of carbon. It is a gray-black, opaque solid with stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, and is not easy to react with chemicals such as acids and alkalis.

Combustion in oxygen produces carbon dioxide, which can be oxidized by strong oxidants such as concentrated nitric acid and potassium permanganate.

Can be used as anti-wear agent, lubricant, high-purity graphite is used as neutron moderator in atomic reactor, can also be used to manufacture crucible, electrode, brush, dry battery, graphite fiber, heat exchanger, cooler, electric arc furnace, Arc lamps, pencil refills, etc.

What are the application areas of the industry?

1.Graphite material can be used for refractory

2.Graphite material can be used as casting device

3.Graphite material can be used as conductive material

4.Graphite materials can be used in the atomic energy industry and the defense industry

5.Graphite material can be used as pencil lead, pigment

6.Graphite material can be used as wear-resistant lubricating material, etc.

It can be seen that the application fields of graphite materials are very wide, and it can be said that there are shadows of graphite in all aspects. Therefore, the processing of graphite is also particularly important, and the annular diamond wire cutting technology, as a new cutting tool, has its outstanding characteristics in graphite processing.

Zhengzhou Insoll Tools Technology Co.,Ltd is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of annular diamond wire saws. With independent intellectual property rights and a number of patented technologies, it is also second to none in the international diamond wire saw products.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of technology-oriented and service-oriented, helping customers to solve many problems in the cutting industry of hard and brittle materials such as tires, photovoltaic silicon, sapphire, ceramics, marble, etc. In the field of diamond wire cutting, it has won the recognition and trust of customers.

All industries are welcome to come to consult and cooperate.

What are the advantages of diamond wire loop cutting graphite?

1.The cutting efficiency is high, and the speed is much faster than that of traditional cutting tools.

The diamond wire preparation technology belongs to the technology of consolidating abrasive particles, and the diamond wire cutting speed of graphite will be much faster.

2.Less material loss and high yield.

In terms of cutting graphite, diamond wires of different wire diameters can be used according to customer requirements. The diamond wire has strong cutting ability, and the slit caused by cutting graphite will be relatively small, so the loss of materials will be relatively small.

3.High cutting precision, product quality assurance.

Diamond wire cutting has high precision and strong cutting force, which reduces the processing damage layer, and the precision can be kept stable.

4.Operational cost reduction.

The use of annular diamond wire cutting equipment reduces capital, manpower, electricity, space, etc., and the entire production process is more simplified, thereby reducing operating costs.

As a new type of wire cutting equipment line, diamond wire loop has become more and more important in the graphite processing industry. The rapid development of the graphite industry is inseparable from the support of diamond wire cutting equipment.

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