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What is the perfect cutting tool for fragile material ?

What is the perfect cutting tool for fragile material ?

Endless diamond wire is a flxiable cutting tool which has great advantages on brittle material cutting.So we made a cutting test to check if it can cut eggshell.

The result is endless diamond wire do cut fragile material perfectly.The cutting result is like an artwork.

This shows a perfect way to cut eggshells.

The outer wall of the egg shell is very thin and difficult to hold, and it is very easy to break during the cutting process.

The ring-shaped diamond wire has very small cutting pressure during the cutting process, which is a flexible cutting method, which minimizes the damage to the eggshell.

In addition, because the linear speed of the ring diamond wire can reach 60m/s, it is very sharp.The eggshell can be cut through in a flash.

The cutting surface is very neat, and the cutting kerf is very small, which can cut ultra-thin slices.

It can be seen that the ring diamond wire cutting takes into account the cutting speed and the quality of the cut surface.It is the best choice for cutting fragile materials.

Here is cutting video for your reference.




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