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What is the best Marble cutting machine?

What is the best Marble cutting machine?

Marble cutting machine is difficult to choose ,because marble is too brittle to cut .there are some factories who provide marble cutting service .

How they do the marble cutting and polishing?what kind of marble cutting saw do they use?

Read bellow information ,you may get a clue.

Diamond Wire Saw have bellow advantages compare to traditional cutting method: good cutting surface quality, high cutting efficiency, narrow cutting kerf, small cutting force and less pollution. It’s especially suitable for cutting valuable hard and brittle materials.

Marble Cutting with 0.5mm OD endless Diamond Wire loop on our self-designed diamond wire saw, the results show that the surface roughness of the workpiece have a negative growth with the Linear speed and positive growth with the feed speed.

Cutting surface is very smooth with our continuous diamond wire ( circular diamond wire), which don’t need secondary grinding, and cutting speed was highly improved .

Slice cuts by fixed diamond wire can be extremely thin .

diamond wire loop