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Home life natural wind -shell tiles

Home life natural wind – shell tiles

Since ancient times, shells have played an important role in culture, economy and art.In Western legends, Venus, the god of love in charge of the growth and reproduction of animals and plants, was born from shells, so shells are regarded as a symbol of life.

In the East, the clam clam with a lifespan of up to a hundred years symbolizes longevity and good fortune;In history, shells were used and circulated as currency, so shells also symbolized luck and wealth.

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the aesthetic level is improved.

People carry out deep processing of shells with great economic and cultural value. On the basis of traditional decoration, they use jewelry-level processing technology to make shells into exquisite, fashionable and environmentally friendly high-end decorative materials.

Whether it is applied to walls, tables, screens, etc., the pure natural shell bricks can vividly show the elegant and unique personality.

At the same time, the use of natural shells as decorative materials is in line with the current green concept of environmental protection, nature and endless growth.

At present, the shell tiles on the market have only appeared in recent years and belong to the range of new ceramic tiles. The shells used are deep-sea shells or artificially propagated, but due to the small number of deep-sea shells and the difficulty in collecting, there are certain safety hazards, so the price of deep-sea shell bricks is relatively high.

Now in the Chinese market, the shells collected in the deep sea are mainly imported from countries and regions such as Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam, and are manually cut and made into shell tiles. Its products mainly include black butterfly shell, white butterfly shell, yellow dish shell, pink shell, milk snail shell, etc. These shells are slowly nurtured in the embrace of nature, their shape is more natural, the size is relatively large, and the color is beautiful.

The artificially bred shells are now only mother-of-pearl. Because of artificial breeding, the shells grow fast, the quantity is large, and the price is not high. It is the main raw material for shell tiles on the market. Also due to the way of artificial reproduction, the size of these shells is smaller than that of naturally grown shells, and their color is not as clear and beautiful as deep-sea shells.

At present, the raw materials of shell tiles on the market come from deep sea and artificial cultivation. How to identify them?

Deep-sea shellfish grow in the embrace of nature. They are not only clear, warm and beautiful in color, but also large in size. For example, the body length of the clam shell can reach 100 cm, and the body length of the white butterfly shell, which is smaller than that of the clam shell, can reach 25 cm.

At present, the product types include clam shells, scallops, white butterfly shells, black butterfly shells, ox ear shells and so on. Although deep-sea shells are naturally beautiful, due to the high risk of collecting shells in the deep sea, the price will be 2-3 times more expensive than that of artificially cultured shells.

Cultivated shells are no match for deep-sea shells bred in nature. In color, it is not as round and transparent as deep-sea shells, and the individual is not large.

However, after manual cutting and polishing, the most essential part of each shell is retained and collaged into tiles. The product effect is almost the same as that of natural shells. It is difficult for non-professionals to see the difference, and the price is in the middle, so it is very popular among consumers.

After the shell tiles are successfully made, because the cost of making shell bricks is relatively expensive, many manufacturers on the market will choose to use a diamond wire loop saw to cut the shell tiles into thin slices. It can save materials without affecting the appearance.

Each shell of the shell tiles is cut and polished by hand, so the collage of each shell can be decorated according to the actual needs of individuals. A variety of colors, there are pearl white, black, pink and other colors to choose from.

Shell tiles are often used in screens, desktops, light boxes, bars, corridors, background walls, door panels, ceilings, bathroom countertops and other places. In addition, different shell tiles are applied in different places and ways. In addition to the application methods of general products, shells can also be made into exquisite small decorations, and different decorative products can be tailored for users.

It should be noted that the hardness of the shell itself is not high, so try to apply it to the wall or furniture, not to the ground.