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The quietly rising diamond wire loop saw

The quietly rising diamond wire loop saw

Diamond wire loop saw is a cutting tool that solidifies diamond abrasive particles onto a circular steel wire substrate. The saw wire is circular. When in use, it is generally wound onto several guide wheels for unidirectional circular cutting. During the cutting process, there is no need to reverse direction. The cutting speed is high, the cutting seam is narrow, and the surface of the slice is flat. It can cut large sized workpieces, with little environmental pollution.

Application Fields and Advantages of Diamond Wire Loop Saws

Currently, diamond wire loop saws are mainly used for precision cutting of materials such as solar photovoltaic wafers, wafer chips, sapphires, artificial crystals, and ceramic targets, as well as sensitive materials. They have a wide range of applications and a large scale, and have good development prospects.

The processing methods of diamond wire loop saws are divided into resin and electroplating. Resin bonded diamond wire saws have the advantages of low cost and fast preparation speed, but their wear resistance and heat resistance are poor, and their abrasive holding force is low. Electroplated diamond wire saws are used to consolidate diamond powder onto a steel wire substrate by composite electroplating. They have the advantages of high heat resistance and wear resistance, narrow cutting seams, and high cutting surface accuracy. Electroplating is commonly used.

So what are the advantages of electroplated diamond wire loop saws?

01 Cutting speed increase

Unlike traditional reciprocating diamond wire cutting, diamond wire loop saw can achieve high-speed cutting, and the cutting speed can be increased to more than twice the original, reducing time consumption and saving time.

02 Low wire breakage rate

When decelerating and accelerating too fast during the return of an ultra long diamond wire, it is easy to cause jumpers, resulting in wire breakage, which brings great inconvenience to cutting. However, there is no looping problem with diamond wire loop saws, and the wire breakage rate during the cutting process is much lower than that of other diamond long wire saws, which greatly saves the cost of wire replacement and greatly improves the cutting efficiency. The efficiency improvement not only comes from saving the time of looping, but also from the extremely high wire speed of the circular wire. Under the effect of high wire speed, the cutting speed will also have a multiple increase.

03 Wide application range

The diamond wire loop saw can not only accurately cut hard and brittle materials such as silicon crystals, but also achieve molding processing, with thin slices, high efficiency, small processing surface damage, and material saving. It is particularly suitable for cutting precious materials such as gemstones, crystals, and large size silicon crystals.

Development Prospect of Annular Diamond Wire

In recent years, China’s diamond long wire saws have developed rapidly in the fields of monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon slicing, and sapphire slicing, while diamond wire loop saws have quietly followed suit. Relying on their unique advantages of fast linear speed and high cutting efficiency, many superhard material companies have invested heavily in circular diamond wire projects. With the widespread application of solar photovoltaic materials and the continuous innovation and development of other new material applications, The variety and scope of diamond wire cutting applications are also expanding.

Currently, as a new type of cutting equipment, diamond wire loop saw has become an indispensable cutting method in the material cutting market. Currently, many silicon wafer manufacturers in China have used diamond wire loop cutting machines and circular diamond wires, overcoming the processing difficulties of band saws and gradually replacing band saws to serve photovoltaic enterprises to further improve wafer production efficiency and reduce costs.