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Why does alumina ceramics change color

Why does alumina ceramics change color

Alumina ceramic is actually a ceramic structural component formed by adding alumina during ceramic production, so it will appear white. However, if the raw material contains impurities, the alumina ceramic will turn yellow or gray. However, the vast majority of alumina ceramic products are basically white, and alumina ceramic is also in a white state similar to alumina ceramic. After a long period of use, our ceramic products will change from white castings to light yellow. What are the reasons for the discoloration of alumina ceramic?

Firstly, the reason why alumina ceramic gradually change from white to light yellow is partly because after sunlight exposure, the internal composition of alumina ceramics will slowly change, and this change is irreversible. Therefore, alumina ceramic will slowly transform from a white state to a light yellow state.

Secondly, there is another reason for the discoloration of ceramic alumina ceramic, which may be due to the deliquescence of alumina ceramics, resulting in the formation of hydrated alumina and chemical reactions between them. In fact, not only ceramic products have this characteristic, but other materials also have this characteristic, so we can only overcome the phenomenon of color change in alumina ceramics by minimizing the influence of external factors as much as possible.

In addition, in addition to understanding the reasons behind the discoloration of alumina ceramic, it is also necessary to master some basic principles for making shaft cores using alumina ceramics to ensure that the products produced by alumina ceramics meet market requirements and can maintain the normal use of alumina ceramic products.

At the same time, we all consider that alumina materials are relatively unique, so we should be more cautious when designing alumina ceramic shaft cores to reduce unnecessary damage to alumina ceramic products. The main content involved mainly includes the type, size, and position of the installation parts, the fixing method of the parts, the nature, direction, size, and distribution of the load; Types and dimensions of alumina ceramic bearings; The blank, manufacturing and assembly process, installation and transportation of alumina ceramic shafts; A series of factors such as deformation of the shaft.

The main reason for the discoloration of ceramic alumina ceramics is that after prolonged exposure to sunlight, the alumina will gradually change from a white state to a light yellow state. If we want to avoid discoloration of alumina ceramics, we can overcome the phenomenon of discoloration by minimizing the influence of external factors.