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Looped Diamond Wire/Endless Diamond Wire

Looped Diamond Wire/Endless Diamond Wire

At present, wire saw cutting technology is mainly used to cut hard and brittle materials such as silicon ingot, crystals, gems, and ceramics, and has a good development prospect. With the improvement of international economic situation, the downstream industry of wire cutting machine has entered a new round of business cycle, which has brought about the expansion of endless diamond wire market demand, and the sales of the endless diamond wire cutting machine industry has rebounded significantly , The relationship between supply and demand has been improved, and the profitability of the industry has been steadily improved

The diameter of the commonly used endless wire is 0.65mm, and there are 0.4mm and 0.3mm under development. To grasp the characteristics of the loop wire itself, it can not be compared with the conventional open wire. Instead, it should be based on the cutting speed advantage to explore thinner wire diameter.It can be imagined that within a limited length, the smaller the wire diameter, the shorter the life of the wire. How to find the balance point between the life of the wire and the size of the cutting kerf is still a topic worthy of research.

At present, many domestic silicon wafer manufacturers have used ring-shaped diamond wire/endless diamond wire cutting machines. For 158 × 158 polysilicon , it takes 5 minutes per cut, wire ‘s average serving life is 200 cuts, and some can cut 400 cuts.Endless wire cutting will gradually replacing band Saw machine to serve photovoltaic companies to further improve wafer production efficiency and reduce costs.


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