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Diamond Wire Saw in Civil Industry

Diamond Wire Saw in Civil Industry

Besides being widely used in industry, diamond wire saws can also be used in People’s Daily life.

1,Traveler use

People who like climbing mountains or driving to the wild, may wish to bring a diamond wire saw.It will be put to use,once encountered a difficult road, need to cut through thorns or any emergency.

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2,Rescue use

Car accident, cab deformation, once the driver was clamped, diamond wire saw can quickly cut anything off to save people,and it’s too convenient to use because of it’s flexibility and thin wire diameter.

3,Home use

In the future, perhaps diamond wire hand/arc saws will become a necessary tool for people at home, no matter how hard the material is , diamond wire arc saw can cut it off.

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4,Medical use

Diamond wire saw can also be used as a medical instrument for flexible and precise sawing of the thorax and intraperitoneal bone after surgery, as shown in figure 13.With the continuous improvement of diamond wire saw technology, it will be used in more fields.

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