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Application of Quartz Glass in High-tech Field

Application of Quartz Glass in High-tech Field

Quartz glass has excellent mechanical, thermal, optical and chemical properties, and is widely used in semiconductors, optics, optical fibers, photovoltaics, electric light sources, aerospace and other fields.

Quartz glass is an industrial technical glass composed of a single component of silicon dioxide. Since silicon dioxide is an atomic crystal and there is a covalent bond between Si-O, quartz glass has strong temperature resistance and stable chemical properties; The chemical bond energy between Si-O is large and the structure is tight, which makes the quartz glass have good mechanical properties and strong pressure resistance;

In addition, quartz glass has a small density, and the microstructure of quartz glass is a simple network composed of silica tetrahedral structural units, with short-range order and long-range disorder, making it excellent in optical properties and high in dielectric strength. .

With its superior physical and chemical properties, quartz glass is widely used in many high-tech fields including semiconductors, optical fibers, optics, photovoltaics, electric light sources, and aerospace.

Application field

01 Semiconductor<<<<

Quartz products are important semiconductor consumables used in the whole process of semiconductor processing. The silica in the quartz glass has high purity and stable chemical properties, and does not react with any acid except hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid.

It fully meets the requirements of high temperature resistance, strong deformation performance and inactive materials in the semiconductor manufacturing process as a container for wafer carrying and cleaning, and is widely used in the semiconductor production process. In addition, due to the low refractive index and strong temperature resistance of quartz glass, it can meet the requirements of the mask for high optical transmittance and low thermal expansion rate of the base material, and is an important material for high-precision glass masks.

02 Fiber<<<<

Silica glass material is the main consumable material in the production of optical fiber preform and optical fiber drawing. The refractive index of it is extremely low, the absorption coefficient is small and the light transmission band range is wide, and optical fiber, as a light transmission tool transmitted by the principle of total internal reflection, has extremely high requirements on the refractive index, so it is widely used in optical fiber manufacturing , the main products are preform, furnace tube, quartz tube and so on.

03 Optical <<<<

Components made of quartz glass are key elements in optical instruments. Transparent quartz glass has good optical properties and low refractive index, and can meet any light transmission band in the range of 185-3500mμ.

Therefore, it can be used as both an ultraviolet-transmitting material for optical instruments and an infrared-transmitting material. The main products are spectrographs, infrared cameras, prisms and lenses.

At the same time, it has strong thermal stability, and the value is between 800 and 1000 ° C. Optical quartz glass is also widely used in high-altitude high-temperature photography, such as high-temperature operation peep windows, high-precision rangefinders and large astronomical telescopes.

04 Photovoltaic<<<<

In the production and processing links in the photovoltaic field, quartz glass products are hard consumables. Quartz crucible made of quartz is generally used as a container for molten polycrystalline silicon material due to its cleanliness, homogeneity and high temperature resistance.

It is used for the subsequent process of pulling monocrystalline silicon rods/polycrystalline silicon ingots. With the strong development of the new energy industry, the scale of China’s photovoltaic industry continues to grow, and the market demand for natural quartz products, especially quartz crucible products, continues to expand.

05 Electric light source<<<<

In the field of electric light source, quartz glass electric light source products are widely used in household, medical, transportation, entertainment and other industries. Xenon lamps for automotive lighting, ultraviolet germicidal lamps for sanitation, and metal halide lamps for entertainment all use it as lighting fixtures.

06 Military <<<<

In the aerospace field, quartz glass products are the core components of spacecraft and space shuttles. It has low density, strong compressive ability and good optical performance, which meets the requirements of space window materials for filtering ultraviolet radiation and radiation resistance, and avoids the formation of “color centers” under the irradiation of high-energy rays. It is widely used in satellites and spacecraft.

The radiation-resistant quartz glass can effectively control the attitude of the spacecraft, and the high-strength radiation-resistant glass cover can provide effective protection for the solar cell energy system of the spacecraft.

In addition, quartz glass fiber has excellent thermal insulation properties and good dielectric properties, and is widely used in composite materials for airborne radomes.

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