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What is Loop Wire Cutting?

What is Loop Wire Cutting?

Why loop wire cutting being invented?

Wire cutting is widely used in solar industry as well as crystal, ceramic, magnetics…where needs wafering.

As sociaty moving faster, the existing cutting speed can’t meet production speed.Wire cutting is fast but there is a faster way.

What is loop wire cutting?

Generally,it’s a closed wire running extremely fast,with the sharp crystals on the wire,it can cut all most all materials.

Traditionaly wire cutting using open wire as cutting tool.The linear speed have a limit.Because it has to stop every cetain time.Loop wire solved this linear speed probelm by an endless wire.

The extremly fast linear speed in the same time ensures a high cutting speed.

Here is a demo to show the princeple of loop wire cutting.




For cutting application you can see video from here