How to use Endless wire saw blades for tire section cutting

Endless wire saw diameter 2.0MM Length 4500MM is widely used in tire qulaity inspection department ,they cut tire section by diamond wire loop saw.

According to the usage, tires can be divided into car tires, truck tires, agricultural tires, engineering tires, special vehicle tires, aviation tires, motorcycle tires and bicycle tires. Ensoll diamond wire loop is specially used for cutting car tires, truck tires and other special tires with tire section cutting machine. It’s commonly being cut for tire section sampling.

Car tires, truck tires and other special tires are not made by rubber only. It’s a combination of nylon, steel and beads and rubber. Cutting all the material with different hardness and get a flat, clear cutting surface is the most difficult part of tire cutting process.


Here is the wire cutter spec which is widely used by tire factories


Ensoll tire section wire loop are very sharp ,the section surface can be very smooth and no need to grinding

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