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How to Cut Quartz Block Efficiently?

How to Cut Quartz Block Efficiently? According to the recent publication of the International Semiconductor Industry Association, the sales of wafer manufacturing materials in 2019 were 32.8 billion US dollars, and the sales of semiconductor packaging materials were 19.2 billion US dollars. Among them, the revenue of semiconductor materials in mainland China reached 8.86 billion US dollars in 2019, an increase of 1.9% year-on-year, which is also a growing material market in the world. Among many materials, the attention of quartz [...]

How Fast Endless Diamond Wire Grows!

As more and more industires found diamond wire can be made as endless cutting wire,a lot industies tried to bring new cutting tech to their production flow. Solar and Semicom is the first industry which use endless diamond wire loop to cut Silicon Ingot. The year of 2019 ,a new industry was found, a lot graphite companies contact us to develop a saw machine which can use endless cutting with to cut graphite faster and save some material for them. We have developed [...]

Cutting Wire of Tires –The Tire Section Cutter

Cutting Wire of Tires Car is assoiciated with people’s live closely, Tire for cars becomes the most used Consumables.Tire production companies offer thosands of tires to the market every day.The quality control the these tires are essential.   Nowaday there are one wire cutting machine for tire cutting come into factory owners’ eyes.This machine uses a closed cutting wire to cut tire sections. With diamond crystals coating on the wire, it’s quite sharp.As we all know tire is not only made of rubber, there are [...]

The Application of Horizontal Wire Cutting Machine

The Application of Horizontal Wire Cutting Machine I believe everyone can understand Horizontal Wire Cutting Machine very well. The horizontal endless wire cutting machine uses  diamond wire loop  to cut materials.The extremely high linear speed ensures a faster cutting speed.Compare to Vertical wire cutting machine the horizontal one has a lot advantages that cannot be ignored. So what are the main applications of sponge flat cutting machine? 1. It mainly cuts the block material into thin slices. The table adopts full-automatic digital control. According [...]

Endless Wire Cutting Technology in Semicon & Solar Industry.

In the past ten years,  diamond wire (open wire)saw have developed rapidly in monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon slice cutting, and sapphire slices. At the same time, Endless diamond wire saw have quietly followed, relying on fast linear speed, high cutting efficiency, and simple equipment structures.   The unique advantages of appeals several  companies have invested heavily in endless diamond wire innovation and successfully applied to large-scale KDP crystal cutting (cut width 1000mm), large-scale LBO crystal cutting, polycrystalline silicon plutonium cut, sapphire wafer cutting [...]

Ensoll tried Soft Material Cutting By Endless Diamond Wire Loop

Client from construction industry wanted to know how diamond wire loop perform if they make foam cement cuts with it . We took an AE cement size 440*300 MM to make cutting demenstration. The cutting test was made by a  diamond wire loop (φ0.6*5000MM)and a machine (ESV400-4t).Whole cutting process was rather satisitying.Cutting speed is 400MM/min, surface are clean and flat, no chipping ,no wire mark. Diamond wire loop have great advantages on soft material cutting,the serving life of the wire can be weeks. Here [...]

What does Ensoll offer to the world?

What does Ensoll offer to the world? As wire cutting becomes more and more popular,a new brand name Ensoll jumped into people’s eyes. What does Ensoll offer? In the early beginning Ensoll develops endless diamond wire loop,later on they supply closed loop cutting machine.   different with conventional diamond wire,closed diamond wire have faster linear speed and more diamond grains, thus it’s a better cutting method to save time. Here are what Ensoll diamond wire loop can cut : Click here to know more about diamond [...]

Difference between Bandsaw ,Openwire saw and Closedwire Saw.

Difference between Bandsaw ,Openwire saw and Closedwire Saw. The world is changing so fast,just a small snap may causes lag behind.(closedwire saw) Closed wire loops reset the cutting method very fast,more and more industries begin to study how to bring  closed loop’s superiority into full play. Thus a lot machinery company start to design closed wire saw machine.Solar and Semiconductor industries becomes the first involver,as we know their pursuit on speed and material saving are extremely urgent. Then what is the difference between [...]

What is the Newest Wire Cutting Technology?

What is Endless Diamond Wire Loop? Wire cutting is a new cutting method compare to traditional band saw and blade saw cutting .But frankly, conventional wire cutting is out of trend, Scientist have developed a method to combine the ends of a wire making it into a continuous loop.That means the circle can run extremely fast which open wire have to bear the slow down while change running direction. For massive production, fast cutting speed is essential, it save production time [...]