How to Cut Compressed Cardboard by Endless Diamond Wire Saw

How to Cut Compressed Cardboard by Endless Diamond Wire Saw? Compressed Cardboard. That raw type of pressed pulp cardboard you find in somecardboard boxes, in hardcover books, board games and such. It’s basically a bunch ofprocedural layers blended on top of each other. How to cut it without damage the structure is very essential ,endless diamond wire have extremely fast linear speed and very thin wire diameter, so it’s a perfect tool for cardboard cutting check the cutting surface ,it’s smooth flat and perfect! you can contact me directly for more detail here is the video : click here

Diamond Wire Saw in Civil Industry

Diamond Wire Saw in Civil Industry Besides being widely used in industry, diamond wire saws can also be used in People’s Daily life. 1,Traveler use People who like climbing mountains or driving to the wild, may wish to bring a diamond wire saw.It will be put to use,once encountered a difficult road, need to cut through thorns or any emergency. 2,Rescue use Car accident, cab deformation, once the driver was clamped, diamond wire saw can quickly cut anything off to save people,and it’s too [...]

Cemented Carbide Cutting with Diamond Wire

Cemented Carbide Cutting with Diamond Wire Cemented Carbide cutting are very important for industrial production, this item is  also called hard metal,it’s considered difficult to be cut because of high hardness. Ensoll diamond wire loop have the advantages to cut items hard and brittle. Wire Loop D0.65 ,length 2970 mm. Linear speed:40 M/s The cutting process are quit quick and smooth.diamond wire saw brings a lot benifits on hard metal cutting . You can see more cutting test here.  

What is Loop Wire Cutting?

What is Loop Wire Cutting? Why loop wire cutting being invented? Wire cutting is widely used in solar industry as well as crystal, ceramic, magnetics…where needs wafering. As sociaty moving faster, the existing cutting speed can’t meet production speed.Wire cutting is fast but there is a faster way. What is loop wire cutting? Generally,it’s a closed wire running extremely fast,with the sharp crystals on the wire,it can cut all most all materials. Traditionaly wire cutting using open wire as cutting tool.The linear speed have a [...]

Applications of Diamond Wire Cutting

Applications of Diamond Wire Cutting 1.Electronic Information Industry Silicon wafer processing is the foundation of IC manufacturing system. Wafer surface roughness and integrity have a direct impact on the performance of IC chips. semiconductor manufacturing industries use multi-wire cutting widely. 2.Solar Photovoltaic The extensive use of diamond wire in upstream silicon wafer cutting production will become an important means to achieve innovation transformation and cost reduction. It is reported that at present, a considerable proportion of applications have been applied in silicon cropping process. If it can be [...]

Ensoll attend LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2019

Ensoll attend LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2019 Ensoll attened LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2019 expo in Shanghai, on March 20-22.We found that wire cutting is a big trend in related industies. Since its inception in 2006, Munich LASER & PHOTONICS expo has become a leading event in the laser, optical and optoelectronic industries in China. The increasing exhibition data not only show the leadership of Munich Shanghai light expo, but also show the strong belief of the development of China’s optoelectronics [...]

How to Make Silicon Cropping Faster ?

How to make silicon cropping faster ? Silicon is an important material for solar industry, it’s brittle and expensive.How to make  silicon squaring process faster has been studies for long time.The most efficiency method in diamond wire cutting currently.Because of the faster linear speed and minimal kerf loss,diamond wire saw is widely accepted for mono-silicon cropping. After technique innovation diamond wire was produced as an unless loop wire to ensure higher linear speed. As we all know one-way movement has no pause,so [...]

The factors matter to Diamond Wire Saw Quality

The factors matter to Wire Saw Quality Diamond wire saw is a saw that uses a metal wire or cable for cutting . The saws are classified as continuous (or endless, or loop) or oscillating (or reciprocating). Sometimes the wire itself is referred to as a “blade”. Diamond wire saw as an enhanced version of wire sawing tool,have to make a lot breakthrough on diamond crystal coating. The Wire Tec a company owned matters to the usage of their product(product serve life). What is the main factor which [...]

Wire For Cutting—A new cutting method you need to know

Diamond Loop Wire People think of band saw, belt saw and hand saw,but seldom think of wire .Wire for cutting ?it’s impossible in the past. Because of the demand of working safety and cutting speed, people explored a lot new cutting technology. waterjet cutting, laser cutting,electric cutting….finally there is a new method :wire cutting. How the wire looks like? Firstly,The wire should be very hard and flexible, so scientist coat diamond crystals onto the surface of a steel wire.   Secondly,the wire can be an open [...]